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open source

All code of the hybrix project is open source and presented under permissive licenses.


Our focus is based on blockchain ideals and we do not seek to make profit with our open source codebase. We also got recognition from parties that are committed to a better internet for years. (SIDN)


Our APIs and client libraries are interoperable with other technologies. We avoid creating vendor lock-in with our work.


Our core networking daemon and client libraries are light-weight products that are made with few dependencies and designed to run out-of-the-box on minimal hardware requirements.

We get things done


We want to create a distributed hybrixd network to address the problem of isolated ledgers and data systems and integrate connectivity between ledger-based and ledgerless data systems.

At the moment online payment systems are centralized, and sources of data are becoming walled and more difficult to access without paying money. This presents the danger that the Internet will become more privatised. By being distributed go in against this trend.



Enable the free and unencumbered trade of value and data among ledger-based and ledgerless data systems and applications.

A lot of projects in the budding cryptocurrency space are reluctant to collaborate with other projects. We see this exclusivity as problematic since projects become separated islands and cannot benefit from each other. Our project is not profit oriented and encourages inclusivity.



We build our environment in a resilient peer-to-peer structure, which uses deterministic cryptography to maximize user privacy.

Privacy in our day and age is becoming more and more scarce. Our environment offers a refreshing alternative in which personal privacy is respected.



The hybrixd network is also implemented to stimulate liquidity in digital economies and other alternative economies by integrating them into a network of one-on-one interoperation, modular compatibility, and anonymous time-based escrow trading.

Currently, many alternative economy projects suffer liquidity problems and lack interoperability. This is a problem we tackle by empowering people with the tools they need to build their own projects.


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Our focus is based on blockchain ideals and we do not seek to make profit with our open source codebase. We received recognition from established parties that are committed to making the internet a better place. You can support us by donating to our project. Spread the love by sharing our logo to your supporters.
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