the hybrix mountains that will bring us freedom of transaction
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Freedom of transactions

One token on all chains. Technically borderless, not restricted to any single distributed ledger. All chains in one solution.

hybrix playground
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The hybrix protocol makes transactions technically borderless and not bound to a single ledger system.

Best token guarantee

choose the ledger you want

The hybrix token is a cross-ledger colored coin: technically borderless, not restricted to any single distributed ledger.

utilize the strengths of all ledgers

Every distributed ledger and blockchain has its own strengths. The hybrix token gives access to all these benefits as it exists on top of all distributed ledger systems.

switch whenever you want

The open hybrix protocol enables free transport of value between all distributed ledgers. A welcoming addition next to the possibilities of atomic swaps and DEXes.

Better than profit

open and inclusive

hybrix is open-source, non-profit and inclusive by design. The exclusivity of projects often obstructs the collaboration that is desperately needed for the maturing of distributed ledger technologies.

decentralization for everyone

We dare to dream of a future where the benefits of decentralization are completely independent of the interests of companies.

back to the blockchain ideals

Our focus is based on blockchain ideals, and we do not seek to make a profit with our open-source codebase. We got recognition from parties that are committed to a better internet for years (SIDN & NLnet).

By design, the hybrix system is open and transparent.
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Organisations that support us

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Already curious?



The core of the hybrix platform.


hybrix node

Run a local node for complete control and support the decentral network.

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Tools for development.



The API provides uniform endpoints for all supported blockchains.

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javascript library

A powerful library to develop on all supported blockchains. The library handles all client side operations securely.

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Software built with hybrix.


block explorer


block explorer

The easiest way to find all your transactions.

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web wallet

Store and manage cryptocurrencies in a completely decentralized and user-friendly way.

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command-line wallet

Easily perform transactions, query for blockchain data and manage deterministic keys.

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