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Last updated: 01.05.2023


The hybrix hydra token (HY) is a unified asset. This means it has token representations on several chains that are connected and unified into one asset. Moving value between chains can be done easily through the hybrix wallet, or by using third-party bridges. HY shows the power of a hybrix unified asset. Every chain or ledger has its own unique properties, and one can choose what to use and how.

The functionality of HY on each chain is as follows:

TOMO ledger: for payments

  • HY can be traded on Luaswap (tiny fees), perfect for those on a low budget
  • HY is perfect for payments on this ledger, since the transaction fee is tiny and paid in only HY
  • HY costs only 0.002 HY to move per transaction (around USD 0.01)

ETH ledger: liquidity and trading

  • HY can be traded on Uniswap (moderate fees)
  • HY can interact with the Ethereum ecosystem
  • HY has moderate transaction costs which provide Ethereum's decentralized chain security

SBCH ledger: experimental

  • Work is still underway to put HY on SmartBCH...
  • HY can be stored and moved on this chain for very low fees
  • HY can interact with the Smart Bitcoin Cash ecosystem

BNB ledger: to be deprecated

  • We are in the process of deprecating BNB ledger in favour of a better technology

More / Future

We would be thrilled to expand HY to new chains. Important is that HY has a clear function on every chain it operates on. Let us know what chain you think HY should be expanded to!

Listing information

Follow the price action here:

Our token contract addresses are:

  • ETH.HY:0x9b53E429B0baDd98ef7F01F03702986c516a5715 (Etherscan)
  • TOMO.HY:0xA7551BA0d52C763fb6f8866DE63827aA593f20Bc (Tomoscan)
  • SBCH.HY:0x9b53E429B0baDd98ef7F01F03702986c516a5715 (Smartscan)

HY is listed on the following exchanges:

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