What is the vision of hybrix?

hybrix empowers freedom of transaction: to freely transfer value whenever and however you see fit, in either physical or digital form. Before the inception of Bitcoin, commerce on the internet had come to almost exclusively rely on centralized institutions serving as trusted third parties to process electronic payments.

These institutions effectively serve as gatekeepers for these financial markets, limiting your freedom of transaction. Bitcoin sought to provide more freedom by indiscriminately providing the means to create an account (ie. bank account), with the added benefit of reliable, fast and low-cost transactions.

hybrix proposes a means to interconnect most ledger technologies and hereby safeguard and expand your freedom of transaction.
Read more in our executive summary

What is the hybrix platform?

The hybrix platform is the foundation of hybrix. It connects all chains and ledgers. It is easy to build on and can be used to program inter-blockchain solutions. Every distributed ledger and blockchain has its own strengths. The hybrix platform gives access to all these benefits as it exists on top of all distributed ledger systems.
Two examples of software built on the hybrix platform are a multi-asset wallet and a multi-chain block explorer. What are you going to build on it? Read about all the possibilities in the hybrix platform documentation.

What is the HY token?

The hybrix HY token will be borderless. We are building the hy protocol on the hybrix platform. This will make cross-ledger transactions possible. The open hy protocol enables free transport of value between all distributed ledgers. A welcoming addition next to the possibilities of atomic swaps and DEXes. Read more about the HY token in our tokenomics and white paper.

What is going to be the focus of hybrix the coming year?

We are maintaining and ensuring the stability of the hybrix platform. New tokens are added. On the website you can see how many crypto assets are currently supported by the platform. The coming year we are focussing on building the hy protocol that will enable the HY token to transport value between all ledgers.

hybrix platform

What would I use the hybrix platform for?

hybrix is a highly inclusive distributed platform environment to network and manage digital forms of value transfer, interlinking other decentralized networks. It solves the problem of a currently fragmented ecosystem of solutions in digital ledger technologies and alternative economies. The hybrix network runs through a collection of decentralized nodes and puts a lot of power at your fingertips. It provides several methods to easily interact with distributed ledgers and data sources. This enables you to connect your application to a multitude of blockchains!

Is it possible to build on hybrix if you are a beginner developer?

If you are just a beginner, it is best to try and learn about blockchain by experimenting with the REST API. Without difficulty, you will be able to get balance values for any cryptocurrency, or retrieve the fee needed for sending a transaction to a blockchain system. You may also experiment with decentralized storage, validate addresses or read data directly from processes. The blockchain world is your oyster, go wild and experiment, and above all... have fun!

How can I build on it as a more advanced developer?

More advanced developers will most likely want to use the Javascript library to enable their application to talk to hybrix. This makes it possible to build powerful client-side applications. The library also talks to the REST-API when necessary over an encrypted channel, and it offers useful functions to construct and sign your transactions client side. Furthermore, there is the possibility to run a local node for complete control and support the decentral network.

What are examples of what you can build on the hybrix platform?

We build a few examples to show the power of the hybrix platform. We have a multi-blockchain block explorer and a multi-blockchain wallet. Both show that different blockchains can be combined in one application.

HY protocol

What can I do with hy at this moment?

At the moment hy is an ERC20 token on the ethereum blockchain, a native token preceding the eventual multi-ledger coin.For now you can hold hy on an exchange or in your preferred wallet.

and exchange them on List of exchanges.

What can I do with hy in the future?

The hybrix protocol is a second-level token protocol that will be able to transact units of account on a single ledger, or over multiple ledger (e.g. blockchain) systems. Its transactions are stored in a data block inside the attachment section of a zero-value transaction on any distributed ledger system (that supports message fields). This gives its users the advantage of moving units of acccount, ultimately value, to any ledger system or blockchain that best suits their needs.

Transactions containing meta data pay the usual fees denominated in the base currency of the underlying ledger to miners, forgers, or stakers in order to register the meta transactions in the blockchain. This means that the assets using the hybrix protocol (HRC1 tokens) benefit from having a trusted and secure mining, forging or staking network without the need to re-create its own or use additional resources. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have advanced features (such as scripting and smart contracts) which enable many users to create complex financial solutions. The consensus of these solutions and the manipulation of value is, however, confined to the ledger on which they are implemented.

There are some cases where technologies (like atomic transactions) make it possible to connect distributed ledgers. Yet many of these solutions need specific implementations and compatibilities that not all ledger systems have on offer, and thus are limited in scope. We aim to solve this problem by denominating a common protocol that works on any ledger.

Where can I get hy?

What is the current circulating supply of hy?

For all who want the most up to date numbers on hy supply, volume, price etc, you can use our api which supplies live numbers (use a browser or curl):
https://api.hybrix.io/engine/hystat/maximumSupply to see the Maximum supply
https://api.hybrix.io/engine/hystat/circulatingSupply to see the Circulating supply with reserve
https://api.hybrix.io/engine/hystat/circulatingSupplyWithoutReserve to see the Circulating supply which is not locked
https://api.hybrix.io/engine/hystat/currentPrice to see the the current price
https://api.hybrix.io/engine/hystat/currentVolume to see the the 24 hour volume of trade on BIKI

other option:
click on Holders tab everything held by 0x9b53e429b0badd98ef7f01f03702986c516a5715 is still locked (at moment of writing 77.44%).

I donated to Internet of Coins, why did I get hy tokens?

Assuming you are one of the original crowdfunders: thanks for your support and involvement in the project so early on, appreciate it.

hybrix is in the process of developing a new token and protocol called hy. This will be an exciting step into the future of interoperability for us and the community. Since the advent of digital finance and the subsequent inception of Distributed Ledger Systems such as Bitcoin many reincarnations have sprouted out of the idea and vision of the latter. All with varying degrees of interoperability, some confined in themselves and some making considerable strides towards this lofty goal.

We aim to take this a step further and make use of a vast number, if not most of the existing DLTs with their already awesome infrastructure and securities. We aim to be the water connecting the shores of these crypto havens. hy will be living on a second level protocol that can transact units of account (ie. value) within a particular ledger and between distinct ledgers. This way we want to supply you, the user, with the tools to make use of this crypto world on whatever chain you like. This gives you the freedom to transact, how and where you like :-)

Come say hy with us! Since you had the courage, and also trust in us as a project right from the beginning, we want you to grow with us into the future we hope to achieve. That is why we are giving HY tokens to the crowdfunders as a token of appreciation and gratitude! For this reason the snapshot has been made on February the second. The distribution of the token will be at a later time which will be announced via email and the appropriate channels. First we will develop the protocol further, with all its technical intricacies, and set everything in motion for the token to be a success.

I did not find hy in my wallet?

Sad to hear. You can try to add the token by pressing the Add asset button. Search for hy and add it to your wallet. If you still do not see a balance for you hy tokens, than the problem is something else send your question to support@hybrix.io and our support team will help you.

When will the hy protocol be launched?

We aim to have the full protocol up and running the first quarter of 2021. You can subscribe to our newsletter so we can inform you about our progress.

How does the validation work?

Validators earn fees for increasing network security.

Where are you listed?

On several exchanges such as:

Where can I find the roadmap?

What is a layer two protocol?

The data link layer, or layer 2, is the second layer of the seven-layer OSI model of computer networking. This layer is the protocol layer that transfers data between adjacent network nodes in a wide area network (WAN) or between nodes on the same local area network (LAN) segment.

How many token are there?

For accurate information about the distributed tokens you can take a look at our token detail page. The market cap is 21 Million HY tokens.

What is the market cap?

21 Million HY tokens.

How many tokens are reserved for the team?

Maximum of 8.1 MM split between token sale / Air drop / team

Is HY a DEX?

No, it is not a DEX. The token will be able to travel between different ledger systems though.

Are assets bridged to Ethereum ERC20 compatible?


How is this different from a cross chain omni or counterparty?

There are similarities, as in it is implemented in a higher layer. Differences: liquidity vs validation based structure.

What are the incentives for validators in a system like this?

At this moment there are no incentives for validators. Once the hybrix protocol is fully implemented, validators can earn fees for increasing network security.

Can smart contracts mint hy tokens?

Yes they can.

Can existing assets be wrapped in a hy token?

At the moment our token is a placeholder for the hy token. When the protocol is implemented you actually can wrap existing assets in the HY token.

What usecases do you guys see for wrapping assets in the HY token?

As many as the current Ethereum ecosystem, and beyond.
Example: moving millions of dollars over chains without intermediary.

Im wondering, what is HRC the acronym of? when in the whitepaper they talk about hrc1 hrc2 etc...?

HRC stands for Hybrix Request for Comments, which is a proposal that can be amended at a later point in time, until accepted, after which it becomes an HIP -> Hybrix Improvement Proposal. Basically this method of bringing improvements was first started in the Bitcoin community, and then taken over by the Ethereum community. We would like to take the same approach as they did.

What are the token details so that I can add HY to, for instance, My Ether Wallet (MEW)?

To add the hybrix token to your wallet, enter the following details.
Symbol: ETH.HY
Contract Address: 0x9b53E429B0baDd98ef7F01F03702986c516a5715
Decimals: 18.

How many HY is needed to be a validator?

The amount needed is in principle zero, according to protocol design. However, we may use staking to increase validator reliability. This depends on what methods we find work best when we test the network.

hybrix wallet

Getting started

Head over to wallet.hybrix.io on your Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS or Android device. If you have not created a wallet yet, you can do so by clicking "Create a new account".

Follow the instructions to generate your unique Account ID of 16 characters and a high-security password of 48 characters.

Please save these login credentials in a secure place. If you lose them, you cannot access your wallet ever again. We are not able to recover the keys for you!

How do I use the wallet?

Accessing your wallet

Enter your credentials to sign into your wallet. You will see the list of assets you added to your wallet. If you log in for the first time, you will see only BTC and ETH displayed.

Make tokens or chains visible

The wallet contains more than 300 different tokens, see full list here. This means you have to select the tokens you want to be visible in your wallet.

  1. 1. Click on "Add wallet";
  2. 2. Select assets you want to add;
  3. 3. Save changes.

Add cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets to your wallet
  1. 1. Click on the token of which you want to receive assets into your wallet;
  2. 2. Select the Receive button. Your wallet address of the currency or asset is displayed on the screen, together with a corresponding QR-code;
  3. 3. Head over to the wallet or exchange where you have currently stored your crypto-assets and send them to the address displayed;
  4. 4. In the next few moments, the crypto-assets will be transferred to your hybrix wallet.

Send cryptocurrency and crypto-assets from your wallet
  1. 1. Click on the token of which you want to send assets;
  2. 2. Click on the Send button;
  3. 3. Enter the target address and the amount you would like to send. The network fee for processing the transaction is displayed;
  4. 4. Press Send.

How do I check my current balance?
  1. 1. Make sure all the cryptocurrencies you hold in the hybrix wallet are added to your wallet;
  2. 2. The system will calculate your current balance.

How do I log out?
  1. 1. Go to the menu in the top right corner;
  2. 2. Scroll down and log out.

How can I customize my wallet?

When you have set the basics of your wallet (the assets), you can further customize your wallet. In the menu in the top right you can:

  1. 1. Add and manage contacts for your convenience;
  2. 2. Change the currency in which the current value of the assets is shown. This is standarized in USD, but you can change this into the currency you like.

How do I run the wallet on my own computer?

Please view this article on medium: How to run your own multi-crypto wallet at home!

I can not log into the wallet

If you cannot click the Sign in button, the Account ID and Password are incorrect. Please, make sure the Password is correct. In the Password, the numbers "0" and "1" are never used; instead the capital letters "O", "I" and "L" are used.

If you still cannot log in, try clearing the browser's cache and/or try using a different browser. Some users have experienced issues with Safari on iOS and macOS.

I can not send a transaction, why is this?

This could be due to a multitude of reasons:

  • - First of all check if you have enough funding for the transaction

  • - For token transactions you usually need to pay a fee on the base chain of the token, make sure you have enough funding there for the fee

  • - Ethereum nodes sometimes can be quite busy (due to high traffic on these nodes), what helps in this case is to try again after the transaction fails

  • - There can also be a problem on our end, meaning that there is an error in the wallet, their is a bug in the node, or the network for a specific coin/chain might have new/updated requirements, there should always be an extensive error message in your browser when a transaction fails, please make a screenshot of this message and please let us know on , or send us an email.

Which browsers does the wallet support?

Firefox, Chrome or Safari are supported browsers for the hybrix wallet. Using the hybrix wallet requires JavaScript, please make sure your preferred browser supports this. Furthermore, a up-to-date browser is required. If your browser is not supported, you will receive a notification when trying to open the wallet. When this happens, you can download or upgrade your browser to the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Why did my current balance disappear (N/A)?

Sometimes your amount can seem to disappear in the current wallet. The wallet will display 0 or N/A. This usually means the API for that blockchain is too busy to respond.

Some cryptocurrencies have this more than others. For example: Counterparty (XCP) and Omni (OMNI) often respond very slow. Your tokens and coins are not gone. They are still there, and can be sent when the blockchain responds again.

If you want to check the amounts of your assets in the meantime you can check your addresses in the different block explorers.

  1. Click on the asset you want to check the balance of;
  2. Click on Receive;
  3. The address of the asset is shown. Copy this address;
  4. Go to a block explorer of the asset you are looking for (you can find a lot of explorers per asset on www.coinmarketcap.com);
  5. Copy the address into the explorer to see the balance.

For a faster use, you can this view this article on medium:

How to run your own multi-crypto wallet at home!.

What are the fees for using the wallet?

We do not charge fees for using the wallet. The fees for transactions are the transaction (or network) fees that the network imposes on transactions.

For example: when you want to transfer ETH from your hybrix wallet, a transaction fee has to be paid to the Ethereum network. Your hybrix wallet calculates this fee automatically.

This is also true for tokens. When you want to transfer ETH.XHY (or any other token distributed on the Ethereum network), an ETH fee is imposed to pay the Ethereum network for the transaction. This means you need to have ETH in your wallet to pay for an ETH.XHY transaction.

The same is true for the other blockchain systems supported in the wallet.

Is my financial data safe?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Because of how the system is built, we can not access to your financial data. All your keys (ie. your private keys) and data are created client-side, and only stored where you write them down. We can not see what is in your wallet and your password is never sent over the network.

This is one of our main focus points, to grant user-safety and security where it is best applied, on the side of the user, client. Of course as with every system there are risks, bugs, threats that can occur, in the end no system is fully flawless, we do strive to make it as safe as possible

Which cryptocurrencies and tokens are supported by hybrix?

Currently, we support over 380 different coins and tokens. We are blockchain agnostic and will continue to adapt new coins, tokens and blockchains. We believe in a diverse and plural crypto-ecosystem and want to support as many blockchains, coins and tokens as possible in our decentralized network.

Can I put tokens and coins from different blockchains together in one wallet?

Yes! All supported crypto-assets can be stored in one hybrix wallet.

Are mobile devices supported?

Yes. Currently, the hybrix wallet is accessible for iOS and Android devices in your browser.

How fast will transactions be?

Transactions will be as fast as the slowest underlying blockchain transaction time. So transactions between different Ethereum tokens on the Ethereum blockchain will take (according to Ethereum) at this time of writing between 15 seconds and 5 minutes.

For the hy protocol to beam transactions between different blockchains is one of the features we are working on (i.e. Litecoin to Ethereum, or vice versa). They will take as long as the slowest blockchain of the two. For example Litecoin has a transaction time set of 2,5 minutes. In this case a transaction between Litecoin and Ethereum, a transaction will take a minimum of 2,5 minutes.

Can I use the hybrix wallet on iOS or Android devices?

Yes. You can use our wallet on iOS and Android in your browser.

Did you find anything not working correctly? Please let us know on , or send us an email

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