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Last updated: January, 2020

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hybrix, the multi-blockchain platform that empowers freedom of transaction


You have the right to freedom of transaction: to freely transfer value whenever and however you see fit, in either physical or digital form. Before the inception of Bitcoin, commerce on the Internet had come to almost exclusively rely on centralized institutions serving as trusted third parties to process electronic payments. These institutions effectively serve as gatekeepers for these financial markets, limiting your freedom of transaction. Bitcoin sought to provide more freedom by indiscriminately providing the means to create an account (ie. bank account), with the added benefit of reliable, fast and low-cost transactions. hybrix proposes a means to interconnect most ledger technologies and hereby safeguard and expand your freedom of transaction.


Many distributed ledger technologies (DLTs for short) have been developed in parallel and subsequent to Bitcoin. As a result, multitude of crypto islands and archipelagos have emerged, each with considerable resources invested in both technological development and financial assets. Substantial efforts have been made to strive for interoperability between them. The flow of transactions between systems, however, could be greater, if the ocean that surrounds them is utilized to harness their combined power, irrespectively and agnostically.

hybrix says hy

The solution we propose is the hy token. hy strives to be the token to bind them all, championing interoperability by granting the freedom to transact on and with any DLT. hy operates on a second-level token protocol that can transact units of account on a single ledger, or between a vast number of DLTs. Its transactions are stored on the DLT involved. This gives its users the advantage of using the ledger system that best suits their needs.


The hy token will be used as a store of value and as a currency for token sales. There will be a limited supply of 21 million tokens with a deflationary emission curve (as homage to Bitcoin). We would love you to become a part of the connecting ocean that hy will provide. Come say hy with us as we take steps to ensure your and everybody’s right to freedom of transaction.

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